What Is Chef? Tool Used For Configuration Management

CodinGame’s 4th Annual Report (2021) found that DevOps engineer is the no.1 developer job right now, based on a survey of 15,000+ professionals. 43% of HR professionals said they are struggling to meet the demand for this role, mainly due to the surge in DevOps skills to manage cloud infrastructure and cloud-based application development. DevOps engineers will play a vital role in migrating their application landscapes to the cloud and driving cloud-native innovation as organizations pursue digital transformation. For DevOps practices to fit into your enterprise, it’s crucial to understand the DevOps model lifecycle. DevOps model lifecycle comprises different phases or stages of continuous software development that guide the entire DevOps team in maintaining an efficient loop in the software development cycle. Assume you are a DevOps engineer managing a large web application that runs on multiple servers in the cloud.

It was easier to handle peaky traffic because of cloud’s compute-on-demand model, and handoffs were minimized. Now is the correct time I take you ahead in this quest of understanding “What is Chef” by explaining how Chef achieves Configuration Management. There’s also  Hosted Chef, where a Chef server is provided as a service on the cloud. Chef comes in various flavors, such as Chef Solo, which has no remote server and cookbooks are located on the local site itself. Simplilearn is one of the world’s leading providers of online training for Digital Marketing, Cloud Computing, Project Management, Data Science, IT, Software Development, and many other emerging technologies.

Continuous deployment

Finally, soft skills are vital to becoming a DevOps engineer, as the role cannot operate independently. Unlike a traditional software engineer or developer, DevOps must constantly collaborate with different teams, understand stakeholder requirements, and mediate conflicts when chef certification devops they arise. Ruby and Python are the top two scripting languages relevant for DevOps professionals. Popular DevOps tools like Ansible are built on Python, and candidates need to know the language well to execute commands, perform DevOps tasks, and resolve pipeline bottlenecks.

what is chef in devops

To be a master in Chef Automation come to and join our Intellipaat family and be a master in it. Chef basically consists of three components, Chef Server, workstations and Nodes. The chef server is center hubs of all the operations were changes are stored. The workstation is the place all the codes are created or changed.

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This ensures your systems are secure, compliant, and adhere to industry best practices. Configuration Management enables automated deployments to restore services of a server in case of some unwanted disasters. Along with that, if there are any changes in the infrastructure, that can be handled automatically. Speed and accuracy are essential traits to have for a successful IT organization.

  • It would not be a suitable option to sit on every one of the devices and install the software in each of them.
  • By using configuration management tools like Chef, Puppet you can deploy, repair and update the entire application infrastructure with automation.
  • Chef server contains all configuration data and it stores cookbooks, recipes, and metadata that describe each node in the Chef-Client.
  • The chef server is center hubs of all the operations were changes are stored.

Implementing DevOps is a transformative journey that requires a comprehensive strategy encompassing cultural, process, and tooling changes. Remember, the essence of DevOps lies not just in adopting new tools but in embracing a new way of thinking and collaborating across teams. DevOps is a software development model that brings development and operations to the same table to facilitate efficient and secure software production and delivery. DevOps facilitates a collaboration between the development and operations teams to brainstorm and deliberate on how to develop and deliver software products with maximum efficiency.

What is Configuration Management?

Based on this, Puppet is a good choice for larger enterprises that favor well-tested and long-standing tools. The system creates the code for configuring and managing https://remotemode.net/ the infrastructure, and that code (which is written in Ruby) is called a recipe. The cookbooks are uploaded to the server by means of the Knife command line.

It uses Ruby script to develop essential building blocks that convert infrastructure to code. These building blocks of Chef are key in DevOps to speed up the deployment process and software delivery. In this Chef tutorial, you will learn all about what Chef is, the underlying architecture of Chef and how it works, and its importance in configuration management.

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