Top Accounts Receivable Automation Software of 2024

account receivable automation

Set your payment preferences, gain a comprehensive end-to-end audit trail, and apply cash automatically to your General Ledger for seamless financial management. With features designed to facilitate quicker payments from customers, our billing portal accelerates your revenue cycle. This means documents can be captured, used in the auto-application process, and stored for future audit use with minimal effort, resulting in even greater efficiency savings. Corcentric EIPP is delivered as a managed service offering to streamline set-up, onboarding, and management. Use automated invoice generators to create digitized invoices from sales done on different commercial channels. This will allow you to have a digitized, transferable version of the data that you can transfer to other ERPs through EDI to take action on.

It grows in tandem with your company, providing convenient access to financing as your business expands. Implement ongoing, incremental improvements to ensure that your AR processes stay optimized over time, adapting to changes in your business and the market. By staying responsive to evolving needs and preferences, you can maintain efficiency and effectiveness in your AR operations. Engage closely with your sales, customer service, and customer experience teams when evaluating and optimizing AR workflows. These teams often possess unique insights into customer friction points and operational challenges. Customers can initiate payments at any time of the day through the portal, reducing the need to contact your AR team regarding payments.

Use a shared workspace to document customer interactions and ensure you’re on top of every inquiry. 64 employees work for a typical company in this solution category which is 41 more than the number of employees for a typical company in the average solution category.

  1. By automating and streamlining the accounts receivable process, AR automation delivers tangible benefits, especially in terms of efficiency and speed.
  2. This means you will always be working with the latest data and that it’s always going to be with the most accurate formula.
  3. These personalized notifications improve customer engagement and contribute to on-time payment rates.
  4. When you have the right tools, AR automation will not only help your business grow, but it will also save you time.
  5. Different AR automation tools offer different features with varying levels of automation.

Your AR software knows when an invoice has been paid and marks it as such on your dashboard. Instead of having to manually match the payment you received with the correct client invoice, you can rely on your AR tool to do it for you. Upflow for instance automatically gets payment information from your billing tool or payment gateway. If you want faster payments, you have to make it easier for your clients to pay you.

Summit Electric Supply Co. improved A/R efficiency and achieved a 98% hit rate

This will help you identify any issues before rolling out the software across the company. This will help you avoid challenges such as misalignment of expectations and a high user learning curve. You should also conduct a pilot test to understand that the software indeed meets the needs of your stakeholders and AR team. The last and most important step is to get buy-in from all the key stakeholders and decision makers. Make sure everyone involved in the project understands how effective the system will be and why it’s a worthwhile investment.

account receivable automation

This will help you set clear objectives about what you want to achieve with AR automation software. If you’re experiencing these issues, consider an AR automation assessment for solutions tailored to your needs. As Shurtape, a reputable consumer goods company known for high-quality tape products, grew, it faced increasing difficulties managing collections, deductions, and cash applications manually.

Things to Know Before Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Solution

The most negative one is “Difficult” with which is used in 3% of all the Accounts Receivable Automation Softwarereviews. Automate the creation and delivery of invoices in any conceivable format – electronic or printed – and manage through one easy-to-use interface. And if you believe your enterprise would benefit from a fintech solution, we have data-driven lists of vendors prepared.

These advanced permissions support privacy, improve security, and ensure compliance with data protection regulations. Enhance customer experience and expedite payments by offering a variety of payment options. Research shows that companies providing 5 or more payment alternatives witness an average 11% increase in on-time payments. Here’s a simple 6-step process that you can use in your firm to deliver a secured automated accounts receivable service. Optimize working capital by driving world-class invoice-to-cash processes and leveraging decision intelligence to drive better business outcomes. Centime’s streamlined AR software enables businesses to easily track KPIs like Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), Collections Effectiveness Index (CEI), and more.

How do I automate the accounts receivable process and accelerate collections?

Display key AR performance indicators (KPIs) prominently on your dashboards to monitor the health of your AR operations. KPIs such as Days Sales Outstanding, Bad Debt Ratio, Current AR Ratio, and more provide valuable insights into the efficiency of your AR processes. Additionally, set up scheduled email reports to automatically send data, including aging summaries, cash forecasting, and collector KPIs, to stakeholders on a defined cadence, ensuring they stay informed. If your books haven’t been updated in a while, payment reminders might be sent out on payments that have been received, but not reconciled. Unlock decision intelligence by removing time-consuming and error-prone processes involved in preparing, transforming, and visualizing data. Improve customer relationships through better communication and improved operational excellence.

Your accounts receivable process plays an important role in determining the cash flow of your business. It is the process through which a business receives the outstanding payment from their customers after the delivery of goods and services. If you’re looking to streamline your accounts receivable processes, HighRadius’Autonomous Receivables suite of solutions can help. This suite of solutions automates all aspects of your accounts receivables process, including EIPP Cloud, Collections Cloud, Credit Cloud, Deductions Cloud, and Cash Application Software. It can also help businesses stay competitive in today’s dynamic business environment by leveraging the latest technologies and best practices. HighRadius’ autonomous receivables solution provided Shurtape with the necessary tools to automate its accounts receivable processes, resulting in a 50% reduction in past-due receivables.

Key Takeaways

Accounts Receivable automation supports your AR and has many key benefits, automating your most repetitive tasks and ensuring you have all the info you need at your fingertips. Share your solution comparison and vendor analysis with all stakeholders involved such as the CFO, finance director, AR manager, and other executives. Based on your interactions with the vendors and the scores you’ve allotted to their solutions and service, shortlist 1-2 vendors to proceed with. Allow customers to identify their amounts due and pay anytime using their preferred channels. This automation allows your team to focus on more strategic work, improving overall efficiency.

Swift access to financing is vital for effective accounts receivable management, especially for substantial customer invoices. simplifies this process by offering near-instant approval and same-day funding directly through the platform, eliminating the inconvenience of lengthy applications and traditional banking channels. This integrated financing enables you to confidently accept new business opportunities without worrying about cash flow constraints.

How to Choose the Right AR Automation Software?

Alongside this imperative, companies grapple with the growing complexity of financial data while striving to optimize cash flow. AR automation, or accounts receivable automation, revolutionizes the accounts receivable process by automating the tedious and time-consuming tasks accountants typically handle. This not only simplifies the workload for your company’s accountants but also accelerates payment collection from customers.

Moreover, automated cash applications eliminate 100% of lockbox data capture fees, ultimately reducing operational expenses in A/R. Efficiently manage your credit risk by leveraging AI-based tools to fast-track reviews. Identify external bankruptcy alerts, negative payment trends, and credit utilization thresholds.

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